Join October 5th, "Powering Growth in the Hybrid Workplace"

Sep 29, 2021

Full flyer and information here.

This event is coming up quickly and the invitation was just made available for the October 5th Workplace of Future webinar on "Powering Growth in the Hybrid Workplace" which is being presented by Verizon and Cisco.  The invitation to share with your Sales Teams is now available in Seismic in two places:

  1. The UCC Thought Leadership & Engagement page:  https://vz1.seismic.​com/Link/Content/​NCmHxlzuXbeEGIWnmlr9xd5A#/?​anchorId=00057d35-a579-4585-​a808-2f388a312df2
  2. The Workforce of the Future page:  https://vz1.seismic.​com/Link/Content/​NCNq5Nt6bCDEO8nv5cG5UbBQ#/?​anchorId=986052f5-cfdc-4bb8-​bfc0-a8cc5d54ac55