"Sweeping internet outage hits Google, Fidelity, Amazon, major websites"

Jul 21, 2021

Here's the link to our strategic partner ThousandEyes LinkedIn post; if you haven't seen it https://www.linkedin.com/​posts/thousandeyes_akamai-dns-​outages-activity-​6824028343847985152-hasF

Our partner ThousandEyes has insight into global internet and application outages as seen today by Akamai, a CDN provider. Difficult things to identify and troubleshoot. With zero installation and unlimited enterprise log-ins, ThousandEyes provides the global situational awareness needed today for customers leveraging the internet and SaaS applications. Having internet, DNS, BGP, CDN visibility is paramount in today's mobile world.

Network Monitoring to Measure CDN Performance

Subject Line: Sweeping internet outage hits Google, Fidelity, Amazon, major websites
Hi Customer X,

How is your day going? Hopefully okay or better than others? Sweeping internet outage hits Google, Fidelity, Amazon, major websites.

Verizon has visibility into details like that can be offered as a service immediately. How many tickets were opened today? How many hours were spent across team members trying to figure it out? How many escalation calls did you take?

Give me a shout when you come up for air and I can show you how we could reduce your mean time to know and continue with your work with the assurance it was not your network.

Engage your ThousandEyes counterpart, or contact Kirk O’Connor at and oconnor1@cisco.com

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